I would highly recommend Laura for personal training.  I have had many trainers over the past 25 years and she was no doubt one of my favorites.  I'm sure I would still be training with her if she still lives in Ft. Worth.  She came to my home, which made it so easy for me, and I actually looked forward to her visits along with my workouts.  Each session was new and different and was personalized to accommodate my lower back issues. 

Laura is extremely personable and pleasant to be around.  Her upbeat and positive attitude is contagious and she makes working out a fun experience.  During all the time she trained me, she was never once late and almost always gave me extra time above and beyond what I paid for.  Her professionalism and positive attitude are second to none! 

If you're looking for a personal trainer who will go above and beyond, I really believe that Laura will exceed your expectations!  She's wonderful! 

Jena B.

My son is special needs and has taken many swim lessons at the gym we were going to.   Although he was learning some in their lessons, he came to a stopping point and didn't progress any further.  He didn't even want to get his face wet!  He started taking lessons with Laura and she was very patient with him.  She made his swim lessons fun and he progressed at each lesson.  Now he loves going under water to get toys!  He is starting to swim laps!



I have known Laura for 5 years.  I have found her to be extremely knowledgeable about health and nutrition.  She is also quite good at explaining things to you-not just telling you what you should do  She really listens to you.  When my daughter, who runs cross country, wanted to better her times, Laura took the time to give her advice and explain why it would help.

Kyra G.

I can't believe that I can sit on the side of the pool to watch my son swim and not have to hold him the entire time we were in the water!  He would never want me to let go of him and he was not learning how to swim in the group lessons we were taking him to.  And now he is swimming down to the deep end and picking up rings!


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